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We are providing very cheep call rates with best voice quality for voip calls.
You can use our service on PC Mobile Phone and Device by Internet GPRS 3G.
Also we are providing Voip International Incoming Call back number.
With International incoming call back number you can receive calls from
all over the world.

Dialer for Xp  
Dialer for Vista
  Pakistan   India   Bangladesh   Mobile Dailer
 Dialing Code      Rate
  92                       0.0227$
  092                     0.0227$
  0092                   0.0895$

 Dialing Code       Rate
  091               Promotion Rate
  91                           0.0125$
  0091                       0.0200$
 Dialing Code      Rate
  08801         Promotion Rate
  8801                       0.0215$
  008801                   0.0360$
Fring for Mobile
   Promotion Rate
  092          0.0227
   Promotion Rate            0.0095    Promotion Rate            0.0150 EyeBeam
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